DOW: Rio Olympics-20192019-01-09T15:50:17+00:00

3d Design, Sound Design, Original Music and on-site mix
(For iLUKA/CSM and Centrescreen) 2016

As part of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, this was a 30-minute walkthrough experience in Copacabana Beach, which follows the journey of Thomas, a teenage athlete who has a dream of becoming an Olympian in the 2024 Games. We see his first Vlog, then step into his bedroom and meet the scientists from the DOW chemical company whose products are helping him. We later see him training and morphing into older Thomas as he finally reaches the games and walks out into the stadium in a moment of triumph.

DS designed the experience, using set design, lighting effects, screen conceal/reveal tricks, immersive projection, product displays and a final emotional climax. We also produced the 30-minute soundtrack, which played a key role in creating the mood of the whole experience.