Between 2000 and 2004, Dan was part of a dance music production collective called Facedown with DJ Leigh Morgan and DJ/Producer/Sound engineer Anthony Moore. Numerous remixes were created for UrbanTorque and Climax Records and the peak came in 2001, when the track ‘Lost’ was signed to Junior Records (home to Underworld and The Chemical Brothers) The track received airplay on Radio 1, Kiss FM and Active 107.5 FM.

You can listen to the remixes Facedown did for The Diogenes Club here: http://urbantorque.com/?p=782

And below, you can listen to Facedown’s track ‘Every Move’, a rare vocal outing for the group which features the lovely vocals of Mr Chris Macaree

Facedown on Sofa II

Lost label 160x190 comp 

Facedown in studio fix-crop

The name Facedown was taken from the title of one of Dan’s early solo productions. Listen here: