Natural History Museum, London, UK: Diamonds

Natural History Museum, London, UK: Diamonds2015-06-06T22:11:23+00:00

A 13-minute looping ambient gallery soundtrack designed to play over six linked speakers around the entire gallery space. The sound of diamonds forming and falling from the walls could be heard, in tandem with a number of voiceover artists reading mysterious prose which diamonds have inspired throughout history. Dan directed the voiceover sessions at a central London studio (with one of the artists now being a regular fixture on Channel 4) and then edited and sequenced the voices onto the sound bed. He also created a rhythmic interlude which would bubble up every 13 minutes, which would be heard around the whole gallery

(for Real Studios)

The above clip is a small excerpt from the overall gallery soundtrack, featuring the voices of Elizabeth Conboy and Ola Onabule

For the same exhibition, Dan also created a special effects soundtrack to lock to picture of a computer animation which shows how diamonds are formed. You are in a craft which dives dramatically underground to see diamonds forming in lava, before you are shot out at high velocity via a volcanic eruption and finally crash back to the ground. You will have to use your imagination to picture what is happening here!

(For Elbow Productions)

All sound © dan savage


Here are Dan and Peter Key mixing the soundtrack in the space