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Project Description

DOW: Company Headquarters Brand Experience, Midland, USA
3D, audio and sound design, showcase layouts / 2018
Client: Centre Screen / DOW

The DOW company built a new corporate headquarters in Michigan, USA and wanted to create a space which could welcome all visitors to the campus, give them a flavour of the company today and its history since Herbert Henry Dow set up in the town of Midland over 100 years ago.

The multi-faceted use of the space required a similar multi-disciplinary approach for DS. We designed the space, the showcases, the object layouts, the audio system and the many pieces of inter-meshing and layered music and sound design, to work as a cohesive whole.

Video and CGI media play back on an 18m wide x 4m high LED screen, which fills the entire rear wall of the space. DS also designed an 8m long showcase, into which historical objects, photographs and graphics are displayed. This is supported by a digital bench to the case front, which is a platform for visitors to find out more information about the key objects on display.

We also designed a series of 8 freestanding cases to sit in front of the main case, each featuring an item Dow himself once owned. They are all mobile and can be re-arranged in the space, or moved away entirely.

As part of the project DS also designed a 16-channel audio system that is layered to give directional and ambient sound, depending on what media is playing, meaning content can be delivered to a specific location, or the whole space can be filled with sound and music.

Most audio is synchronised to the media on the video wall and is made in identical or complimentary musical keys, so it can all layer and overlap without clashing.

A 17-minute looping ‘SoundField’ was also created, which plays at very low level in the space when the video wall is running in a general mode. Subtle musical elements heard here are heard again in the main media pieces, helping to create an audio brand throughout all the media.