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Project Description

Keats House, London:
3D Design / Sound Design / Audio system design / 2018-19
Client: City of London Corporation

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the poet John Keats arriving at Wentworth Place in Hampstead, London, DS were asked to create sound interventions for three of the rooms in the Museum.

The Parlour room was where Keats wrote some of his most famous work, so we hear him quietly working at his desk, writing, thinking, shifting on his chair and making himself tea. It is as if he is in the room with you.

Upstairs, the Gallery room celebrates Keats’ arrival at the house in December 1818. Historical illustrated views of Hampstead Heath and a mannequin dressed in the clothes Keats would have worn are complemented by the sounds of him entering the house alongside those of nature on the Heath, including the nightingales which inspired one of his most famous poems. DS made special field recordings around Hampstead Heath to ensure authenticity.

In the basement, Mrs Brawne’s kitchen comes to life with the sounds of chopping, baking, cooking, chatter and the family cat.

Working in collaboration with audio supplier Sound Directions, all three audio systems are triggered by discreet PIR sensors – if the rooms are empty, the sounds don’t play. This is to avoid audio repetition.