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Project Description

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Science and Cultural Centre, Kuwait
Al Salam Palace, Kuwait
Client Representative and Design Manager/2016-Present
Client: DPM for SSH International

DS is client representative and design manager for two landmark museum projects in Kuwait, overseeing all aspects of exhibition design and media production across the two sites.

The Science and Cultural Centre is a new, multi-million dollar development, made up of 6 Museums, each containing a number of themed galleries, displaying subjects as diverse as transport, biodiversity and space exploration.

The Al Salam Palace project is a redevelopment of an existing historic building, transforming it into a museum of the history of Kuwait.

On both projects, DS (working as part of the Design PM International team) are tasked with assessing, commenting and signing off all design, media and specific exhibits, to ensure they meet the original brief and are technically fit for purpose. We are regularly on site in Kuwait, attend contractor meetings on and off-site, supervise construction and installation work, report back to the client and advise on critical issues.