Siemens: The Crystal, London, UK: The Forces of Change Theatre

Siemens: The Crystal, London, UK: The Forces of Change Theatre2015-06-06T22:13:37+00:00

Dan and Peter Key were commissioned to create three 3.5-minute interlocking films dealing with the Megatrends of Climate Change, Urbanisation and Demographic Change. This was for a fully immersive projected film environment, with the sound designed to play and animate over ten LCD projectors and ten speakers. When the draft video files were received, they were completely silent, so an entire score had to be created from nothing and everything needed to sync exactly to the constantly moving images on screen. This production required Dan to use all of his sound design, editing, special effects creation, music composition and site mixing knowledge. Dan created special sound effects for certain visual elements and also a repeating musical refrain which was woven through each show to tie all three presentations together. This created a unique and thought-provoking sound experience, with many emotional peaks and troughs

(for Graham English & Co/Event Communications)

Urbanisation clip:

Climate Change clip:

Demographic Change clip:

All sound © dan savage