Sound Design Overview

Sound Design Overview2018-03-12T17:53:14+00:00

Dan has worked as a sound designer/editor, music composer and 3d designer for 20 years, focusing on the Museum, Visitor Attraction and Brand Experience sectors, working in both film and site-specific installations. He is normally involved from concept storyboard to completion and on-site installation and sound mix. Sometimes the projects will be an immersive experience, synchronised to moving images or interactives, or they might accompany a view, an architectural building, an artistic installation or a specific exhibition. This combination of sound and 3d disciplines gives Dan a unique perspective.

Key projects include:

2016: The DOW Olympic Experience, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
A continuous 30 minute soundtrack, composed to work across six individual immersive zones.

2013: The Shard, London
Two soundtracks for level 33 and the level 72 viewing deck. More

2012: Siemens: The Forces of Change Theatre at The Crystal, London
A 10 minute, fully immersive sound and music experience synchronised to picture. More

2011: Titanic, Belfast: The Wreck Theatre
A 10 minute original soundtrack composed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. More

2010: The Market Estate Project
A site specific audio piece recording people talking about their daily routines and an original music composition. More

2008: IWM Duxford: Pioneers of Flight Theatre
An 8 minute original soundtrack, with sound effects and voice over elements. More

2005: Natural History Museum: Diamonds
A 13 minute soundtrack/underscore for the whole gallery, plus a 3 minute sound bed for a CGI movie about the birth of a diamond. More

2001: Imperial War Museum-North, Manchester: Weapons & War
An 18 minute soundtrack to an immersive experience, designed to play on 30 loudspeakers. More

Skills and services offered:

  • Creation of original soundscapes, sound-beds and underscores
  • Original music composition
  • Sound editing
  • Studio session and on-location voice over recordings and editing
  • Field recording
  • Sound timecoded to picture
  • Bespoke sound effects creation and manipulation:
  • On-site sound mixing
  • Liaison with audio-visual hardware installers and programmers

Dan is always on the lookout for sound-based projects. If you have a project which needs some sound, then please get in touch.