Special Sound Effects

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Below are some examples of specially made sound effects which Dan has created from scratch, using a variety of real and synthesized audio sources:

Balls at Wimbledon Tennis Museum, London, UK

Dan was commissioned to create a soundtrack to accompany a looping film about tennis balls. He took multiple sound samples, chopped them up and edited them into a rhythmic sound bed and this is what it sounds like:


Using a tyre pump, a knife, a bowl of water and some closely mic’d stomach noises, Dan imagined what it might sound like to be inside a syringe:

Black hole

For an exhibit at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Dan conjured up the sound of a group of school children stepping through a black hole and into a gallery. This was to be an amusing experience, hence the laughter:


A dark soundtrack to a dark place. Dan recorded all manner of discordant noise to assemble this piece:

All sound © dan savage

Recording Water