The Crystal: Stadia Cities, London, UK

The Crystal: Stadia Cities, London, UK2016-11-08T16:14:20+00:00

(For Siemens)
As part of updates to the Urban Sustainability exhibition at the Crystal which Dan worked on in 2012, Siemens asked Dan to design a new exhibit about stadiums, which would highlight the clever technologies used to operate modern, multi-functional venues and show their connections to the wider urban environment.

Working with software developer Kingdom X and model-makers JH May, Dan designed an acrylic model which sits on top of a 72 inch monitor. The screen animates the buildings of the model through movement, colour and light, with events visible inside the stadium and trains, cars and people seen moving around the various structures.

The model and screen plinth was designed to fit neatly into the existing design, graphic and colour language of the Safe & Sound zone.