The Shard, London, UK: Level 33 & Level 72

The Shard, London, UK: Level 33 & Level 722015-11-09T17:41:42+00:00

An 18-minute looping sound piece playing on the partially open air Level 72 viewing gallery of London’s tallest building, which incorporates the sounds and voices of London. Dan collected field recordings around various parts of the city (and from the top of the Shard itself) and edited and sequenced them into a soundscape to harmoniously mesh with a specially composed piece of orchestral and choral music played by the LSO. The audio is designed to playback on a series of eight loudspeakers positioned above the visitors’ head, so the sound appears to descend ethereally from the sky. Peter Key and Dan created the mix on site on a very cold night in February, nearly 1,000 feet up in the sky!

(for Elbow Productions)

The music in the clip below is composed and conducted by David Mitcham, with Dan providing the atmosphere beneath. The best way to experience this is by being on Level 72 in person and it’s tricky to hear this out of context. If you watch the film clip simultaneously, you will get a closer idea:

Lower down the building on level 33, Dan was also asked to create a more intimate 8-minute looping sound scape  of whispering voices of the city to accompany a music bed and wall and floor graphics describing the neighbourhoods of London through famous sayings or poetry. Visitors experience this as they queue for the lifts to the upper levels. Dan recorded a variety of voices speaking from a defined script in multiple languages and sequenced them into the music bed. Dan and Peter then undertook the on-site mix and balance

(for Event Communications)

Again, the music here is by David Mitcham, with Dan providing voices and atmospheric underscore

All sound © dan savage except musical score by David Mitcham


Peter and Dan during the overnight on-site sound mix on the Level 72 viewing deck
(photo by Lucy Carruthers)


Dan recording the sounds of London floating up to Level 72
(photo by Lucy Carruthers)


Dan having his mind blown by the breathtaking views from the windows
(photo by Lucy Carruthers)