Ypres 100: Passchendaele

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Sound design, production and on-site mix / 2017 (For Kate Dawkins Studio)

*Two times BAFTA award winner 2018 for best live event and for best entertainment craft team, Design Week 2018 award winner for best exhibition and winner of an AV Award 2018 for ‘Broadcast and Media Project of the Year’*


Working with Kate Dawkins Studio, Creative Technology (CT), the BBC and the DCMS, Dan created the sound design and special effects audio for a live BBC 2 broadcast on the 30th July 2017, which commemorated exactly 100 years since the third battle of Passchendaele at Ypres in Belgium.

Synchronised to massive video and animations, which were projection mapped directly onto the Cloth Hall in the centre of Ypres, using over 60 projectors, Dan created sound beds of war, rain, mud and destruction, which augmented the moving image, a live orchestra and the spoken words of veterans and actors live on stage, including Dame Helen Mirren and Michael Morpurgo.

Sometimes, one noise piercing the silence was all it took, as in the War Horse sequence, other scenes needed a backdrop soundscape to augment the emotional words of veterans recounting their first-hand battlefield experiences. The destruction of the Cloth Hall required an all-out barrage of noise to accentuate the devastation, augmented by the live orchestra playing ‘Mars’ by Holst (see video clips below for each of these scenes)

Further information here: http://katedawkinsstudio.com/ww1-remembered-passchendaele/